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Is it really that late in the year?!!

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Well, I have to admit I'm not one of the world's most prolific bloggers, in fact I hardly blog at all!  I'm the same about maintaining my journal.  I start off with great intentions and enthusaism then life kicks in and diverts my attention and before I know it days, weeks & months have passed between entries.  

However, I am here now and what have i got to say for myself? Well, I have been rather busy  - teaching, doing therapies, attending fairs, helping family members and moving my business into new premises.  I am almost settled into my new workplace, just a few more finishing touches and then it will be the place I envisaged when I first laid eyes on it.  So what next?  Well, I have lots of plans for daytime courses, evening courses, one-day workshops and regular meeting groups - some of these I was already delivering in the old place e.g. Crystal Companions, Reiki evening courses, meditation group etc. and these will continue to be advertised and delivered in the new place.  Here are a few of the workshops & courses to look out for in the next 6 months:

  • 12-week Crystal Therapy Professional course - Level 1 Foundation, run as an evening course
  • 5-week Reiki Level 1 daytime/weekday course
  • Reiki one-day workshops to help you reconnect to your Reiki, re-discover the Reiki precepts and generally enjoy Reiki as a self-healing spiritual journey
  • Crystal one-day workshops discovering quartz in all its glory, how to empower your life with crystals and working with crystals in association with your star sign

Something else I am intending to do is to offer more Dementia Friends sessions and fulfil my role as a Dementia Friends Champion.  It is something I can talk about from experience as I have watched my own father slowly disappearing due to Alzheimers and witnessed the devastating effect it has had on my mother, his primary carer. So for me it is really important that people understand what dementia is and how it affects people.  Anyone looking at my father would not immediately know as to all intents & purposes he looks like a reasonably healthy septagenarian and if people talk to him he looks at them with an expression that makes them think he is listening and understanding every word.  The truth is he can rarely remember his own name let alone anyone else's, or any other personal details and if you ask him a question he invariably laughs, a sign that we recognise as him not being able to understand, remember or know what to say. So sad.......

On a lighter note - I am going to be on TV next spring! Well, provided it doesn't wind up on the cutting room floor....

I was invited to be filmed doing a Reiki & crystal treatment on Welsh comedian Rhod Gilbert for his 'Work Experience' series.  It's part of an episode where he is experiencing being a paranormal investigator with the Beyond the Grave team.  I had great fun filming it and just hope it all looks ok when it's broadcast!!

So here endeth the latest blog post until the next one in about another six months or so :)