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Holy Fire!

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Had THE most amazing weekend in Chalice Well!

I arrived Friday and as I was early I had a little time to wander around the gardens before heading to the Training Room for our first session with the lovely Roberta (Robbie) Kipling.  Met my fellow travellers on what was going to be quite a Reiki Journey! The first two sessions were Advanced Reiki Training plus the Pre-Ignition for the Holy Fire Reiki Attunement so, for the most part, I was familiar with what was going on.  Our sessions were accompanied by the wonderful aromas created by Stuart Kipling's culinary magic, wafting in from the kitchen in Little St Michael's House next door, which was to be our home for the weekend.

In addition to nourishing us with fantastic vegetarian meals Stuart also gave us a Reki Sound Healing Session on the first evening which was absolutely blissful - I slept reasonably well that night.

During the weekend I had time to take some photos (see below), meditate in the Upper Room, wander the gardens and enjoy a bit of retail therapy in the Chalice Well Shop.

I am looking forward to incorporating Holy Fire Reiki into both my therapy sessions & my teaching in the near future, once I have become accustomed to this new, beautiful energy.