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  1. I've been a big fan of Denise Linn's Oracle Card sets for some years now and I often use them in card picks in my workshops & courses - it's a great icebreaker. So I was really excited to finally receive my pre-ordered set of Sacred Destiny Oracle Cards a few days ago. The illustrations on this new set of cards are divine and, although I haven't had a chance to look through the meanings of all the cards yet, I am impressed with the ones I have read.  I'm looking forward to sharing these with students and workshop attendees.



  2. Okay so having moved some of my personal Oracle card packs on to new homes I have made space to welcome in some new cards and yesterday I received The Crystal Spirits Oracle Card Deck (Collette Baron-Reid) and I have to say at first glance I really love them! I pulled a card for myself and it was Lepidolite and the accompanying message was so appropriate! The cards & book are in a nice sturdy box with a fold-over lid and the companion book is quite comprehensive. The artwork (byJena DellaGrottaglia) is really lovely. There are your expected crystals in the deck e.g. Amethyst, Moonstone, Malachite etc. but there are also some more unusual ones e.g. Dalmatian Stone, Bixbite, Orange Sapphire to mention a few. I was also pleased to see the image for Citrine was not a picture of baked amethyst citrine. So on the whole quite impressed and looking forward to using these cards for personal guidance and sharing them in my workshops & classes for a 'card pick'