Important Information

Please read before booking a session with Dreamstone Holistics - Therapies & Training

Prior to giving any treatment I will carry out a comprehensive consultation to ascertain whether the therapy you would like is safe and appropriate for you and that there are no contra-indications. Although the therapies I offer are complementary (i.e. they complement conventional treatments and are not a substitute for any medication or treatment you are receiving from your GP or other healthcare practitioner) they do have a significant impact on your body and at an emotional level, so care must be taken as a result. For example, any treatment that stimulates the circulation and improves the body's natural detoxification processes, for example massage or reflexology,  can also increase the rate at which your body's excretory system may get rid of toxins. Please read the following information for each therapy offered and consult your doctor or other healthcare professional if you have any queries or concerns. If you are given written or verbal consent to proceed then it is fine to sign that this is the case on your consultation form in order to commence treatment.


Contra-indications are situations or conditions which mean that a treatment should

  • not be carried out at all (infection, contagion, recent surgery/heart attack/thrombosis etc.)
  • require written or verbal consent from a GP or other healthcare professional
  • be deferred until a short-term condition has changed (e.g. the first trimester in pregnancy is a short-term contra-indication)
  • be adapted to deal with a localised contra-indication (e.g. avoid massage on an area that is bruised)



Contra-actions are minor symptoms which may experienced during or in the days following a treatment, as a response to the effects of the treatment. This may be as a result of increased circulation, relaxation and subsequent detoxification; it should be regarded as a healthy sign that the treatment is effective and that the body is making the changes it needs for self-healing.


A more acute form of this is often termed a ‘healing response’ which may include a temporary worsening of symptoms, before a state of balance is reached. For example, a person suffering a head cold prior to treatment may find that their symptoms of sinus congestion are literally ‘drawn out’, before they feel clear-headed again. This process should only last for about 12-48 hours and usually brings an ending to symptoms quicker than if no treatment had been given.  However should symptoms persist I always advise that you see your GP.


Some possible contra-actions to treatment are as follows:

  • Headache/light-headedness
  • Nausea
  • Heightened emotional state/tearfulness
  • Increased tiredness and a need to rest
  • Frequent urination/bowel movement
  • Increased release of mucus from the nose or mouth



This is a gentle, non-invasive therapy aimed at providing deep relaxation and stress-reduction and there are few contra-indications.  There are situations, however,  where I will not offer this therapy:

  • First trimester of pregnancy - mainly as a precaution
  • Epilepsy - if you have recently had one or more episodes and/or are not taking medication to control the condition
  • Pacemaker - although there is no evidence to show that Reiki interferes with the function of a pacemaker I prefer not to treat as a precaution unless GP consent is provided
  • Severe or unstable mental illness such as psychosis, schizophrenia, bi-polar - Reiki is a vibrational energy treatment and may exacerbate any condition, especially if no medication is being taken to control the condition.
  • Under the influence of alcohol or other substances - I will no treat anyone who turns up at an appointment whilst obviously intoxicated or under the influence of substances


Crystal Therapy

This is similar to Reiki in that it is non-invasive and aimed at providing stress-reduction and relaxation.  The above conditions are also contra-indicated for crystal therapy